About Us

Better Spaces Ltd is a Kiwi owned, local Wellington based company. The products we install is of  high standard and quality. We got inspired about garage carpets when we first bought our house in 2008. Like many Kiwi families, we use the garage as a extension room for our kids play zone, but we found the garage very cold during the winter. This all changed when we installed our very first carpet. Our dog "Champ" and the kids were very impressed as they had a warm floor to walk and play.

We never stopped from there, and in the many years we helped many Kiwi families by converting their garage into a multi-functional spaces. We have also added garage door insulation service which makes the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer. All these changes no only increases the comfort, it also adds value to your property. 

Gaps under the door linking to the internal garage lets cold air from the garage to flow in the house, and significant amount of heat is lost in the bargain. Draft excluder installation is a good for anyone looking to save energy and money.It does not require rocket science to understand that when the home is air tight, it is more efficient in retaining heat and conserving energy.

Our company buys in bulk, so you save more.

We install quality products and offer professional service at affordable price.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Bill and Team